Innovating Your Supply Chain

When choosing a logistics provider, businesses want reassurance that they are partnering with courier companies that are continually innovating and improving. Courier companies that will facilitate their growth and evolution. 

At Santis, we continually invest in innovations that transform your supply chain, for the most dynamic, streamlined service possible. We believe in collaboration and that means listening to our customers, identifying their pain points and making conscious decisions to allocate funds into the initiatives that will give us the agility, efficiency and flexibility to best serve these requirements.

One of the main concerns our clients shared across the board was that they want transparency across the supply chain. We listened to this need and ensured we could give our clients peace of mind, at every stage of delivery.

Courier ReceptionAll our vehicles have GPS, which allows our clients to have full visibility of their deliveries throughout the day. We use real-time tracking to ensure all consignments are scanned at every stage of their journey, including electronic proof of delivery. With full visibility of every consignment from collection to delivery, this means over 98% of our parcels are delivered successfully on the first attempt. We’ve made sure that we provide our clients with the most efficient, streamlined supply chain possible.

Another growing concern in the working world is that when you partner with other companies, they may not share the same aspirations to continue developing and innovating your business, including corporate responsibility. 

We continually allocate funds to invest into emerging green technologies, working towards our goal of reducing all our logistics related emissions to 0. We are currently in the process of testing and creating a 100% recyclable bag for our consignments to be carried out securely.

Our specialist services are constantly being updated and improved so that as industry leaders in the logistic sector, not only do we provide the most effective, streamlined solutions, but we can also act as a catalyst for constant change and innovation for our partners and clients.

At Santis, we invest in innovations that help your supply chain thrive.