Sustainable courier services

Sustainability Statement

Since our inception in 2014, Santis Global has understood the importance of corporate responsibility and the environmental impact of our business.

We have therefore committed to not only promoting sustainable courier services throughout our own supply chain but also encouraging change for our partners and clients to help them do the same.

Through committed and rigorous self-evaluation we have analysed how we can improve our processes to put less strain on our planet. We aim to set an example for the rest of the industry as drivers for actionable change towards a more sustainable future.

Investment and expansion of our fleet of Green Couriers

Santis Global is committed to a sustainable future, and we are proud to announce our investments and growth of our green fleet. By transitioning to eco-friendly vehicles, we are taking a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and minimising the environmental impact of our operations. This investment aligns with our core values of environmental responsibility and innovation, and we are dedicated to providing efficient and eco-conscious courier solutions for our customers. Together, we can contribute to a cleaner and greener future for our communities and the planet.

Our sustainability targets and achievements

Carbon neutral

At Santis Global, we strive to reduce carbon emissions by implementing energy-efficient practices, exploring renewable energy sources, promoting waste reduction and encouraging our employees to adopt environmentally friendly practices. In addition, we work with our partners Ecologi to offset any unavoidable carbon emissions.

Green fleet

We are continuously transitioning to a cleaner and greener fleet of couriers by gradually replacing older vehicles with low-emission models, including electric, hybrid, or vehicles that run on alternative fuels. We also implement a regular maintenance program to ensure vehicles are operating at maximum efficiency.


We achieved ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditation in 2015.

Carbon reporting

We provide our clients with comprehensive carbon emission reports in order to help them measure their carbon footprint so that they can work on all that’s required to reduce their carbon emissions going forward.

Collaboration with others

We collaborate with industry associations and governmental bodies to share best practices, exchange knowledge and collectively address climate challenges.

Route optimisation

We optimise our vehicle routing in order to minimise emissions. We utilise our green fleet as much as possible, which has led to a reduction of carbon emissions on selected routes with enhanced sustainable courier tracking.

Office improvements

We’ve taken significant steps to enhance office sustainability. These include waste reduction, robust recycling practices, elimination of unnecessary plastic, adoption of energy-efficient technologies, provision of recyclable and biodegradable client packaging, and smart packaging design for material reduction.

Sustainable travel

We have promoted sustainable travel including public transport over taxis or cars; working from home where possible and reducing travel by holding some of our meetings via video calls rather than in person.

Reduction of emissions on UK overnight and international shipments

We collect all of our international and UK overnight consignments using our electric or ULEZ-compliant vehicles to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible providing a sustainable delivery service.


Ecologi provide us with the right tools, information and advice on each stage of the net zero journey from calculating our footprint, giving us support and ideas on how to reduce our footprint and lastly giving us funding for climate action options for protecting our planet.