Why Santis

When choosing your logistics partner, it is incredibly important that you select a company that you can trust, a company which adds value to your business and who understands your business as well as individuals within your business and their needs.

That is why here at Santis we are not just another courier company who delivers your packages from A to B.
We are a logistics partner to our clients! We achieve that by focusing our service around five core values:


At Santis, we understand how important a sense of security and confidence is for our clients, especially when it comes to shipping their most valuable and urgent consignments. This is why at Santis we invest time and money in recruiting the right people, technology and the selection of our business partners. We monitor our performance closely and always aim to achieve and exceed on our client’s expectations.


We understand that technology is hugely important as it makes us more efficient and it improves our communication. This is why here at Santis we are constantly looking at improving the technology we offer our clients. Our online system gives our clients a variety of shipment options, their accurate pricing, creates customs paperwork where needed, allows them to track their consignments and offers advanced reporting options capturing important information.


From Post Room staff who need service flexibility and strong Account Management, Marketing Executives wanting to deliver their material to an important event; to Facilities Management teams having to control the cost while delivering the highest levels of service – we understand each and every one of them.


We believe that strength lies not in numbers but in unity. That’s why here at Santis our teams work closely together and as a result our clients benefit from our service flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to unexpected challenges which are so common in our industry. Our team work also extends to working closely with our clients which also allows us a greater understanding of their business and it’s needs.


Here at Santis we strongly believe that our experienced and knowledgeable employees are what makes us stand out from our competition. They allow us to provide more efficient service, advice to our clients when needed, solutions to their problems and to act fast in case of any unforeseen circumstances.



our phone and desktop
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Our experienced, global courier knowledge and buying power combined with effective online management via our software ensure that Santis Global provide their customers with the best service options possible within the courier and logistics industry.