This is a reminder around requirements resulting from the EU’s mandatory customs Pre-Loading and Pre-Arrival safety and security program, Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

What is ICS2?
ICS2 is an automated entry process that applies to all cargo to and transiting through the 27 EU members states, Northern Ireland, Norway and Switzerland. The process is designed to monitor the security of the EU’s external border where imported or transiting goods are concerned.

This automation ensures that data can be exchanged more efficiently between the shipper, carrier and EU member states. It’s important to note that ICS2 applies to all express material, cargo and mail with a destination within or transit via the ICS2 mandate region, even if the final destination is not within the region.

What do we need to do?
This means that to avoid delays to any shipments destined to or transiting via the ICS2 mandate region, attention to detail when completing booking and shipping invoice is of huge importance.

The following information, to be recorded on the commercial invoice for all non-document shipments, is mandatory:
– Shipper name
– Shipper address
– Shipped EORI number (for UK originating shipments)
– Consignee’s name
– Consignee’s address
– Number of packages
– Gross weight
– Full & detailed goods description e.g. NOT Laptop but HP Laptop XXX
– Ten-digit Harmonized System HS Codes (along with net weight and value of each item where there is more then a single HS Code involved). Useful link for tariff codes:
– For goods whose final destination is within the EU27 states, the consignee’s EORI number

Failure to provide the full information as above will result in delays, as the carrier is likely to hold individual shipments at origin pre-export and attempt to contact the original shipper to obtain the required information before uplift.

The above requirements constitute best practice for any worldwide export, and we are aware that most of our clients already ensure that their shippers (bookers) supply this information, but if you do have any shippers that need some clarification around ICS2, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or Customer Service team on .