Having a clear vision enables you to achieve so much

Through innovation and investment, we’ve improved internal systems and expanded our fleet and services to allow for quicker and more sustainable services for our clients.

Santis Global was started with a vision to be more than a logistics company. Over seven years we set out to create the most customer-centric, service-driven and reliable courier service possible. A year ago we then took the next step in our journey by refreshing and aligning our brand to better represent our value proposition.

Putting people’s experience first is at the core of all that we do – and this is not limited to our clients. When we are all pulling together, as partners, as colleagues and as a planet we are able to achieve the best outcomes possible. By adhering to our mission, over the last year we have been able to establish ourselves as a company that lives and breathes sustainability and diversity and who takes pride in being an ethical employer.

A year to reflect

City Scape

Opened another
depot in West London

allowing our clients in those areas later cut off times

Doubled our fleet size

allowing us to provide our clients quicker collections and delivery

Doubled the amount of EAVs in our fleet

not only allowing us to complete more journeys in the most sustainable way, but also twice as fast!

Started our EU operation

allowing our clients the opportunity to significantly reduce their customs related charges and delays

Created a pay structure
for our drivers and bikers

to ensure they achieve London Living Wage at all times, empowering our team to provide the best service possible for our clients

Proudly promoted
three incredible women

to be in charge of 3 of our departments, this means that 50% of our management team are now women, reflective of our commitment to equality

By maintaining a people-centric approach in everything we do, we are delivering not just our clients’ consignments but also a promise of excellence. The commitment we have made to always keep our clients and their needs at the core of our plans has allowed Santis Global to become the standard for logistics services.



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