Here at Santis, empowerment is one of our company’s principal values, because we believe that if we look after our people, they look after our clients.

We develop our staff, encourage them to take initiative and pay them fairly for the jobs they do, inspiring them to deliver outstanding service.

We’re pleased that we’re able to share this approach with our clients, and that they believe in it just as much as we do. Recently, our long standing client, a well known international law firm, proved just that.

Our Vision in Action

One of the firm’s partners requested the urgent collection and delivery of some important legal papers to their home address. They needed a same day service that was professional, fast and reliable.

The firm’s Post Room Manager booked a vehicle using our online booking and tracking portal. As per our Service Level Agreement with the client, documents were collected within 20 minutes and delivered well before the deadline to the Partner’s home address by one of our amazing bikers.

In fact, the partner was so impressed with the speed, professionalism and politeness of the service, she wanted to ensure that the messenger was receiving sufficient payment for the exceptional experience she received.

The Postroom Manager was glad to hear that the partner was impressed with the service and, to answer their questions, spoke to their dedicated Account Manager here at Santis Global. We were happy to confirm that all our staff, including drivers and bikers, receive the London Living Wage, based on their SLAs and the numbers of jobs completed within an hour.

It’s All In The Numbers

On average bikes in London drop between 3-4 jobs within an hour. If you were to pay £3.50 for a bike with a Central London delivery company, who take on average a 30% margin, your messenger is getting £2.45 per drop. This means that the messenger is getting £9.80, which is under the London Living Wage.

Our Low Fees

Here at Santis Global we’re proud we can’t say “we’re the cheapest sameday courier” because we can say that we are the ethical one. We’re the service provider that pays their staff fairly for the jobs they do.

We believe that in return, this allows us to trust that our drivers will offer our clients the best and most reliable Customer Service they need.