There is an old saying “buy cheap, cost dear”

An ineffective supply chain can cause significant issues to a business, which is why all companies want to find a courier company they can trust, who can offer them a reliable, efficient, and professional service, at the right price. Many companies rely on demanding deadlines, where the cost of a late delivery would be detrimental to their business productivity, or even their reputation.

From a cheap same day service provider, £3.50 for a pushbike in London may sound like a good deal, but it often means that their service is overloaded, resulting in poor experience and delayed deliveries.

Clients therefore end up using priority service at double the price to ensure deadlines are met. What was originally a 20% saving is now 20-40% more expensive than planned, not to mention the cost of the missed deadline and the stress it causes. Here at Santis Global, we’re proud that because of the quality and speed of our standard sameday service, only 6% of our business requires customers to choose our Priority service. In comparison, up to 40%  of our “cheaper” competitors’ business comes from their Priority service.

Due to a lack of Customer Service or Account Management support, clients whose consignments are being shipped internationally are often left to deal with incorrect paperwork, mis-declared goods stuck in customs and excess customs storage fees. This causes them to miss events, tenders, photoshoots, and other important deadlines.

Santis Transport vans
So how can you make sure you find the right supplier for your requirement?

Finding a logistics provider that you can trust to be an extension of your business, add value to your business and understand your business and its needs can be difficult.

The question you should ask yourself is – can I trust this supplier to deliver my consignment within the agreed time frame? Can I trust them to be a reliable extension of my service to my clients?

The answer to that question for Santis clients is simple – YES!

Whether it is sameday delivery around the UK or international shipment around the world, Santis understands the importance of our clients’ shipments.

Our combination of a proactive Customer Service Team, knowledgeable Control Team, advanced technology and flexible network ensures that our clients shipments are delivered on time and within agreed SLA.

In addition, every Santis client benefits from having access to an experienced Account Manager who offers support and advice whenever needed, guaranteeing the most optimal solutions to the client’s requirements. Our dedicated Customs Support Team available 24/7 ensures that the client’s paperwork is completed correctly in order to avoid any unnecessary customs delays that could prevent shipments from missing deadlines.

Our high standard of service means that we do not just meet expectations, we exceed them – because our priority is to have your trust.