Since I started Santis Global in 2014, I have always endeavoured to run a business that maintains integrity, care and responsibility, not only in our sector but in the world. Over the past year we have seen the working world changing before us, with many offices making the move to working from home and requiring more and more logistics help to ensure their business runs smoothly. Through this change in requirement, we quickly noticed an increase in the mileage delivery vehicles had to complete to deliver each consignment, which meant increased CO2 emissions.

Logistics companies are responsible for 7% of global CO2 emissions, and an increased demand for these services will only increase this statistic.

Action needed to be taken. Santis have therefore committed to not only promote sustainable solutions throughout our own supply chain, but to also encourage change for our partners and clients to help them do the same.

Through committed and rigorous self evaluation, we analysed how we could improve our processes and came up with a plan of action that would help us put less strain on our planet.

Here are just a few steps we are taking to make our business more sustainable:

  • We have invested in our ‘green’ fleet. In the last year we have converted a further 15% of our fleet to carbon neutral options, including investing in new electric vans and electrically assisted pedal vans.
  • We are working in collaboration with Carbonxgen to improve our energy & waste management.
  • This year we’ve also set up a plan to create a 100% recyclable bag for the consignments to be carried securely.  We are currently in the process of testing to make sure that we find the right solution and I am eagerly awaiting the results.
  • Our online tracking allows our customer to know exactly when to expect their delivery. This means over 98% of our parcels are delivered successfully on the first attempt, allowing us to save tonnes of CO2 emissions that would be produced from redeliveries.
  • We have made sustainable improvements around the office including going paperless, recycling, removing unnecessary plastic use and our staff are fully engaging in our bring a desk plant to the office initiative.
  • We encourage and support all our staff to make sustainable choices, like forgoing their daily commute in favour of working from home whenever they can. We made this suggestion based on research carried out by Carbon Trust stating that working from home could save more than 3 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. For those who have to travel to work we encourage green commuting, such as taking public transport instead of driving; or if they live nearby walking or riding a bicycle to work. In order to support this, and as part of our employee benefit plan we offer the bike to work scheme to our employees.

For many of the companies we work with, sending important documents, marketing materials, IT equipment and other important consignments is of paramount importance and, for some, entire economies rely on their shipments to be moved around the world. Through partnering with us, not only do our clients benefit from a fast and professional service that they can rely on, but they align themselves with our commitment to corporate responsibility and working towards a sustainable future.

Through our dedication to reducing our environmental impact, I am devoted to ensuring that we hit our target of reducing all our logistics related emissions to 0. We hope to set an example for the rest of the industry, as drivers for actionable change towards a more sustainable future.

Luke Eggar


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