Our Vehicles

All of our vehicles have real time GPS tracking and offer POD upon delivery.


Zero emissions
Maximum load up to 1kg
Fits envelopes or small jiffy bag 
Each bike saves 2.5 tonnes of GHG emissions per year


Suitable for long distance journeys outside of London 
Maximum load up to 8kg 
Holds 1 A4 box
Holds standard laptop case

Cargo Bike

Zero emissions 
Maximum load up to 100kg 
Holds up to 2 archive boxes 
50% faster than the van fleet

Small Vans

Maximum load to up 400kg 
Holds up to 20 x A4 boxes 
Holds up to 14 archive boxes 
Available for dedicated runs

Electric Van

Zero- emissions
Maximum load up to 740kg 
Holds up to 2 euro pallets 
Available for dedicated runs

Large Vans

Maximum weight up to 1000kg 
Holds up to 3 pallets 
Perfect for large parcel deliveries
Available for dedicated runs 

Electrically Assisted Pedal Vans

Zero – emissions 
Maximum load up to 150 kg 
50% faster than van fleet 
15 standard archive boxes

Here at Santis Global we continue to invest and plan so that we can be Net Zero by 2030. Over the last year we have converted a further 15% of our fleet to carbon neutral options, making it 25% of our fleet.