Over the last few years, we’ve achieved so much. We’ve grown the business and have expanded our services, our brand has been there with us throughout. However, we’re now celebrating our seventh birthday as a company and have realised that although our brand had served us well, it was no longer communicating what we needed; it was out of alignment with the business we had developed, and more importantly the service level that we provide our clients, it was time to embrace a change.

Whether it’s an important legal document, a valuable piece of equipment, or a package to support people and businesses through the pandemic, we’re handling a critical part of our clients’ process. We see ourselves as consultants in this sector, problem solvers, where our clients see us as their partners. The professionals that take the time to understand your unique challenges. We are as much a solutions provider as we are a service – we gain an understanding of our clients’ businesses and become an extension of their brand and we should reflect that. We’re not just about delivering a parcel or package, we’re delivering on a promise.

“I created Santis to make sure we were head and shoulders above the rest and delivered what we promised and I felt we could show this better,” said Managing Director, Luke Eggar “we wanted the brand to be more structured, more cohesive and more corporate. We’ve hit our seventh year so it’s a pivotal point and time to start upping our game.”

Our new branding needed to elevate our image while still conveying our unique approach, care and attention that we bring to what we are delivering. Our mark needed to become more sophisticated and contemporary without losing our ethos.

Dynamic and striking, the new icon captures the flexible working process that allows us to work seamlessly with what our clients need. A symbol of connection. Inspired by the momentum of movement, solution providing, problem-solving, it moves us into the modern professional services sector. It feels at home among our clients’ brands, traveling through London and the UK, supporting our valued clients’ changing needs and fast pace demands.

“It’s taken us to the next level. It has elevated the brand, it’s pleasing on the eye. I like things to look smart, clean, professional. It’s more sophisticated and I hope the clients will like it” said Eggar.

Working with brand agency Engage Convert has allowed us to develop our visual identity and treat our brand as an extension of our commitment to the clients we work with. “It’s been a simple process for a big project. Gareth and the team have made it an easy process, they’ve taken on board the vision that we had and have managed to get it out of our heads and onto paper” continued Eggar.

We feel our new, refreshed branding shows better synergy and understanding of the service we deliver and the professional logistics solutions that we provide. We’re looking forward to seeing the response to the new branding and hope that you are as excited as we are.