Santis Global – Our Vision and Mission

Santis Global – Our Vision and Mission

Over the past year at Santis Global we’ve been making industry leading changes, celebrated our seventh birthday and saw the working world and the way we live fundamentally change. Reflecting on this has prompted me to think more about Santis as a courier company in london, our values, our goals, our vision for our business and what is important to us. I decided that we should share those findings with those who are at the centre of what we do, you, our clients.

Since Santis Global’s inception in 2014, we have been innovating and improving everyday. I started Santis Global out of a need for a reliable, customer centric and service driven courier company, for clients who require a total service solution that is both high end and ethical. Our values have always been at the centre of our business. With that in mind, I formed a vision for Santis: To bring integrity, dedication and care to logistics, so we can go the extra mile for our clients, in a partnership that adds true value to their brand.

I knew that people needed a company they could trust, a company which would act as an extension of their business and who could understand their needs.

This commitment to supporting and embodying client’s brands, needs and standards led Santis to our mission: To tailor excellent global solutions for our clients by delivering superior service, adding value to their business and innovating the industry through technology, sustainability and an ethical workforce. Our vision and mission are key to what we do, it’s all about how we better serve you. At Santis, we act as a logistics partner, becoming an extension of our clients’ standards and values. Every aspect of our service is designed to best represent our clients’ brand. Through investment and research, we’ve sourced a highly motivated and driven workforce, a high end IT platform and service partners who understand our needs. Our flexible business model finds delivery solutions for each client in order to meet their changing requirements, taking into consideration their budget, speed of delivery and more.

I am proud to say that our approach to social responsibility, sustainability and ethical employee care enables our key operating principles that allow us to better serve our partners.

It is through our core values and drive to always embody them that, together with our clients, we contribute to a positive impact that ensures trust and conscious action throughout the supply chain.

It is our commitment to upholding our values in everything we do that sets us apart from our competitors. The true value of our service is that we raise the bar in every area of the service we offer, and we’ll continue to assess, innovate and make improvements that better serve you.

Luke Eggar

Discover the impact our purpose and vision has already made in better serving you, our clients, and how we plan to improve even further.

Conscious Purchasing – Part 1 – Trust

Conscious Purchasing – Part 1 – Trust

There is an old saying “buy cheap, cost dear”

An ineffective supply chain can cause significant issues to a business, which is why all companies want to find a courier company they can trust, who can offer them a reliable, efficient, and professional service, at the right price. Many companies rely on demanding deadlines, where the cost of a late delivery would be detrimental to their business productivity, or even their reputation.

From a cheap same day service provider, £3.50 for a pushbike in London may sound like a good deal, but it often means that their service is overloaded, resulting in poor experience and delayed deliveries.

Clients therefore end up using priority service at double the price to ensure deadlines are met. What was originally a 20% saving is now 20-40% more expensive than planned, not to mention the cost of the missed deadline and the stress it causes. Here at Santis Global, we’re proud that because of the quality and speed of our standard sameday service, only 6% of our business requires customers to choose our Priority service. In comparison, up to 40%  of our “cheaper” competitors’ business comes from their Priority service.

Due to a lack of Customer Service or Account Management support, clients whose consignments are being shipped internationally are often left to deal with incorrect paperwork, mis-declared goods stuck in customs and excess customs storage fees. This causes them to miss events, tenders, photoshoots, and other important deadlines.

Santis Transport vans
So how can you make sure you find the right supplier for your requirement?

Finding a logistics provider that you can trust to be an extension of your business, add value to your business and understand your business and its needs can be difficult.

The question you should ask yourself is – can I trust this supplier to deliver my consignment within the agreed time frame? Can I trust them to be a reliable extension of my service to my clients?

The answer to that question for Santis clients is simple – YES!

Whether it is sameday delivery around the UK or international shipment around the world, Santis understands the importance of our clients’ shipments.

Our combination of a proactive Customer Service Team, knowledgeable Control Team, advanced technology and flexible network ensures that our clients shipments are delivered on time and within agreed SLA.

In addition, every Santis client benefits from having access to an experienced Account Manager who offers support and advice whenever needed, guaranteeing the most optimal solutions to the client’s requirements. Our dedicated Customs Support Team available 24/7 ensures that the client’s paperwork is completed correctly in order to avoid any unnecessary customs delays that could prevent shipments from missing deadlines.

Our high standard of service means that we do not just meet expectations, we exceed them – because our priority is to have your trust.

Conscious Purchasing – Part 2 – Service

Conscious Purchasing – Part 2 – Service

Imagine a scenario where you need to transport important documents from your company to one of your clients. You’ve had experiences with logistics companies in the past who haven’t communicated with you properly throughout the shipping process, weren’t able to be versatile and did not seem committed to best serving your requirements. 

Understandably, you’re concerned that if you choose the wrong provider, your goods may end up lost, late or damaged, but you also want to work with a company that values your relationship.

You need a logistics provider that you can rely on to continually be looking after your needs. You need reassurance that you’re working with a company who would endeavour to provide a versatile service that progresses and evolves along with your business.

The Santis Solution

Then you find Santis. We’re not just a logistics provider, we partner with our clients and work with them, as an extension of their business. 

Transport Services

Through investment and research we have sourced experienced and highly motivated staff who work with us to ensure the highest levels of service for our clients. Our employee-in-house based Customer Service Team has the knowledge and understanding to discuss with you the ideal solutions to all your potential logistic needs. We provide you with an experienced Account Manager, who is dedicated to the company and engages in your business in order to fully understand all possible specifications. We deliver a reliable, efficient, bespoke service, thanks to our continual commitment to investing in our development.

And how did we get this way in the first place? By listening to our clients. Through constant communication and care, we offer a dedicated, personal level of commitment to your business. Our clients value the flexibility and responsiveness of our employees, accepting any logistic challenge they’re faced with, and our determination to find the best possible solution makes us stand out against other logistics providers.

Here at Santis, we’re not just about finding logistics solutions, we’re about dedicating ourselves to helping our clients grow and cultivating meaningful partnerships that add value to their business. Through this, we’re able to provide you with a fast, flexible and professional service that grows with your business.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, get in touch today.

Conscious Purchasing – Part 3 – Dedication

Conscious Purchasing – Part 3 – Dedication

Recently we were asked by one of our clients what the chances were of moving 250 boxes from Fenchurch Street which was closed to vehicles at the time….

After a few head scratching moments, our dedicated solution driven team came up with a plan and said YES WE CAN!

By utilising our brand new EAVs we were able to gain access via cycle lanes and completed the task in less than three hours!

Find out more about What is in the Numbers? Contact us

Conscious Purchasing – Part 5 – Empowerment

Conscious Purchasing – Part 5 – Empowerment

Here at Santis, empowerment is one of our company’s principal values, because we believe that if we look after our people, they look after our clients.

We develop our staff, encourage them to take initiative and pay them fairly for the jobs they do, inspiring them to deliver outstanding service.

We’re pleased that we’re able to share this approach with our clients, and that they believe in it just as much as we do. Recently, our long standing client, a well known international law firm, proved just that.

Our Vision in Action

One of the firm’s partners requested the urgent collection and delivery of some important legal papers to their home address. They needed a same day service that was professional, fast and reliable.

The firm’s Post Room Manager booked a vehicle using our online booking and tracking portal. As per our Service Level Agreement with the client, documents were collected within 20 minutes and delivered well before the deadline to the Partner’s home address by one of our amazing bikers.

In fact, the partner was so impressed with the speed, professionalism and politeness of the service, she wanted to ensure that the messenger was receiving sufficient payment for the exceptional experience she received.

The Postroom Manager was glad to hear that the partner was impressed with the service and, to answer their questions, spoke to their dedicated Account Manager here at Santis Global. We were happy to confirm that all our staff, including drivers and bikers, receive the London Living Wage, based on their SLAs and the numbers of jobs completed within an hour.

It’s All In The Numbers

On average bikes in London drop between 3-4 jobs within an hour. If you were to pay £3.50 for a bike with a Central London delivery company, who take on average a 30% margin, your messenger is getting £2.45 per drop. This means that the messenger is getting £9.80, which is under the London Living Wage.

Our Low Fees

Here at Santis Global we’re proud we can’t say “we’re the cheapest sameday courier” because we can say that we are the ethical one. We’re the service provider that pays their staff fairly for the jobs they do.

We believe that in return, this allows us to trust that our drivers will offer our clients the best and most reliable Customer Service they need.

Conscious Purchasing – Part 6 – Responsibility

Conscious Purchasing – Part 6 – Responsibility

Since I started Santis Global in 2014, I have always endeavoured to run a business that maintains integrity, care and responsibility, not only in our sector but in the world. Over the past year we have seen the working world changing before us, with many offices making the move to working from home and requiring more and more logistics help to ensure their business runs smoothly. Through this change in requirement, we quickly noticed an increase in the mileage delivery vehicles had to complete to deliver each consignment, which meant increased CO2 emissions.

Logistics companies are responsible for 7% of global CO2 emissions, and an increased demand for these services will only increase this statistic.

Action needed to be taken. Santis have therefore committed to not only promote sustainable solutions throughout our own supply chain, but to also encourage change for our partners and clients to help them do the same.

Through committed and rigorous self evaluation, we analysed how we could improve our processes and came up with a plan of action that would help us put less strain on our planet.

Here are just a few steps we are taking to make our business more sustainable:

  • We have invested in our ‘green’ fleet. In the last year we have converted a further 15% of our fleet to carbon neutral options, including investing in new electric vans and electrically assisted pedal vans.
  • We are working in collaboration with Carbonxgen to improve our energy & waste management.
  • This year we’ve also set up a plan to create a 100% recyclable bag for the consignments to be carried securely.  We are currently in the process of testing to make sure that we find the right solution and I am eagerly awaiting the results.
  • Our online tracking allows our customer to know exactly when to expect their delivery. This means over 98% of our parcels are delivered successfully on the first attempt, allowing us to save tonnes of CO2 emissions that would be produced from redeliveries.
  • We have made sustainable improvements around the office including going paperless, recycling, removing unnecessary plastic use and our staff are fully engaging in our bring a desk plant to the office initiative.
  • We encourage and support all our staff to make sustainable choices, like forgoing their daily commute in favour of working from home whenever they can. We made this suggestion based on research carried out by Carbon Trust stating that working from home could save more than 3 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. For those who have to travel to work we encourage green commuting, such as taking public transport instead of driving; or if they live nearby walking or riding a bicycle to work. In order to support this, and as part of our employee benefit plan we offer the bike to work scheme to our employees.

For many of the companies we work with, sending important documents, marketing materials, IT equipment and other important consignments is of paramount importance and, for some, entire economies rely on their shipments to be moved around the world. Through partnering with us, not only do our clients benefit from a fast and professional service that they can rely on, but they align themselves with our commitment to corporate responsibility and working towards a sustainable future.

Through our dedication to reducing our environmental impact, I am devoted to ensuring that we hit our target of reducing all our logistics related emissions to 0. We hope to set an example for the rest of the industry, as drivers for actionable change towards a more sustainable future.

Luke Eggar


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