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Our client is one of the most recognised Financial Publishers in London. They provide news, information and crucial financial insight for professional financial advisers and investors globally. Since starting in 1999 they have employed over 240 personnel and opened other offices in New York, Munich, Milan and Singapore.

In addition to publishing their own financial news, analysis and unique fund manager performance information, our client also organizes over 80 events worldwide to help the industry network face-to-face.


Our client needed a logistic partner who would not only help their shipments from A to B, but who would also achieve the “impossible” when it came to shipping their marketing materials to usual locations. They needed a partner who would help them manage their logistic calendar based on their already scheduled events, taking into consideration transit times and other logistics restrictions.


Santis Global provided a highly experienced Account Manager who works closely with the client to understand their requirements including the scheduling of their events, the amount of material being sent to those events and their deadlines. Based on that information the Account Manager plans their logistic schedule to meet all the above service expectations. Part of our logistics planning also includes arranging customs paperwork, including temporary export declarations such as Carnets in order to avoid unnecessary duties and taxes. Other more challenging requirements also included transportations of those goods to challenging locations such as private islands, which weren’t reachable using standard courier networks. In order to meet this challenge Santis Global utilised our extensive independent network throughout the world in order to meet client’s expectations, even if it meant hiring a speedboat…

We use Santis, EVERY DAY and multiple times a day. We courier all sorts of things and they NEVER complain about the size, weight, or shape of our goods. The website is SUPER user friendly and makes scheduling a breeze. They are reliable, on time, and always deliver. My co-workers, and I, always recommend their services to our clients. Their customer service goes above and beyond.

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