EU Warehouse Fulfilment
EU Warehouse Fulfilment & Distribution


Our client is a global investment management company with offices and clients across the world.

This client has been using Santis Global since 2019 for the provision of daily courier services including international, UK overnight and sameday courier services.

Every year they have also been using Santis Global for the fulfilment & distribution of client’s Christmas gifts, which they have been importing from South Africa.


Due to changes related to Brexit, our client was potentially facing customs bill of over £23,000 due to clearance charges on each consignment and VAT charges of each item which added up to around £34.00 per consignment.

They have communicated their requirement with Santis in September asking if any of those charges could be removed or at least reduced.


Their Account Manager was happy to let them know that it was something we have already thought about and introduced the alternative of using our EU operation in the Netherlands.

The offer we have made to the client was to bring all the goods from South Africa directly into Netherlands where our broker would clear them and deliver them to our EU warehouse.

Our EU warehouse fulfilment team would complete the packing on individual gifts and pack them ready for distribution. Team fulfilled, packed and labelled 700 consignments and ship them out to individual addresses.

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