Supplier Negotiating


Our client is a multinational investment bank and financial services holding company with its Head Quarters in America.

Their Post Room is managed by a well-known Facilities Management company whose two main suppliers are a global international courier company and UK wide same day courier company. However, this Facilities Management company, thanks to their experience within the industry, chose Santis Global in 2018 as a back-up courier service supplier across all services due to our service flexibility and reliability.


Our client has a global agreement with an international, well known courier company, which they are happy to use for most of their shipments on a daily basis.

However, in February 2020 they realised that this courier company could not support their quickly changing daily courier requirement.

Due to lockdown in March, our client had to arrange a distribution of over 1 million items to their staff working from home and over 35 international offices. Some of those items, such as hand sanitisers, were classified as Dangerous Goods and shipping these worldwide is more complex. Shippers must stay on top of current transport regulations, including hazard classification, packing, marking and documentation requirements.

In addition, home deliveries and collections from staff around the UK presented other challenges. These included arranging timed deliveries and collections, arranging collections without shipping labels from residential addresses and often supporting staff members who have never before dealt with couriers, not to mention customs across the world.


Santis Global was happy to jump in and cover this requirement.

Our Customer Service team, Operations team and the client’s dedicated Account Manager worked together to cover a distribution of over 1 million items around UK and Worldwide.

Our fully qualified staff made sure all the items were packed, labelled and shipped out according to the regulations.

Flexibility of service and a can-do approach allowed changes during the distribution including changing delivery addresses and delivery requirements.

Distribution was fully managed by an experienced, dedicated Account Manager who updated our client throughout the process from items arriving to our warehouse, fulfilment process, to the final delivery at its destination.

We use Santis, EVERY DAY and multiple times a day. We courier all sorts of things and they NEVER complain about the size, weight, or shape of our goods. The website is SUPER user friendly and makes scheduling a breeze. They are reliable, on time, and always deliver. My co-workers, and I, always recommend their services to our clients. Their customer service goes above and beyond.

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